Mt. West Skin Care Services F.A.Q.

Q:        What services do you offer?

A:        We offer services that focus on skin improvement and skin care. We are the best at treating acne in the El Paso area.

Q:        How much are the services?

A:        Our prices range depending on the needs of the patient. We customize our services to          your needs.

Q:        Does my insurance cover the services?

A:        Unfortunately, insurances do not cover services considered to be cosmetic.

Q:        Do you offer payment plans?

A:        Yes, we offer payment plans. We recently lowered our prices to make services more affordable for our patients.



Q:        What are the side effects?

A:        The side effects are minimal except for having radiant skin! Most patients will experience some peeling but depending on the procedure there are no side effects and no down time.

Q:        How long will the side effects last?

A:        If you experience peeling – this will typically last for one to three days and will be minimal.

Q:        Is it painful?

A:        It can be uncomfortable but it will subside within minutes.

Q:        Will I be able to return to work?

A:        Yes you may resume regular activities after treatment.

Q:        In how long can I expect to see results?

A:        It depends on the treatment you receive.

Q:        How often should I repeat?

A:        As recommended by the physician.

Q:        Do you offer hair removal services?

A:        At this time we do not offer these services.

Q:        Will I see a doctor?

A:        Yes once you make the decision to begin treatment, you will be scheduled with Dr. Villalobos.

Q:        Do you accept walk-ins?

A:        Yes we accept walk-ins.

Q:        What are your hours? Are you open on weekends?

A:        We are open in the evenings and on Sundays. Please call us for exact hours (298-3607).

Q:        How many locations?

A:        Currently we are located at 3080 Joe Battle.

Q:        What is BelleDerm? How is it different from all other treatment products?

A:        Bellederm is the skin care line our patients use. It is different because it is physician grade, which mean only physicians can provide you with these products because of their potency. There are no better products for your skin than Bellederm. Please look on our webpage for more information.

Q:        What is Colorescience? How is it different from all other makeup products?

A:        Colorescience is the mineral makeup we offer because it can only be found in the physician office. It is different because it will not clog pores and is truly made of minerals. Please look on our webpage for more information.

Q:        Do you do makeup makeovers?

A:        We can color match you so that you have right color and demonstrate how to use our makeup.