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Will my final "maintenance dose" always be the same volume and be given at the same interval?

No. The maintenance dose and interval varies upon your compliance with IT.

Should I inform my doctor of new prescription medications from other doctors?

Yes. Please inform your provider and your allergy specialist of any new medications you are taking.

My symptoms are only in the spring and summer. Why do I have to get allergy shots year round or can I just get them before and during my season?

Immunotherapy protocol is designed to be safely administered from home; therefore to receive adequate dosing, injections need to be given yearound.

What can I do to get the most benefit from my allergy injections?

Follow your immunotherapy schedule that was provided.

How often will I see the physician to discuss my allergies?

you will have to visit with your physician to discuss the results of your allergy test and why IT is recommended.

At 3 and 6 months of IT.

Every 6 months from then on.

Why am I required to wai thirty minutes after each injection?

80% of all severe or adverse reactions happen within 30 minutes after injection. For safety reasons, we prefer our patients to have quick access to treatment.

What is actually in the injections?

Your injection(s) is composed of pollen extracts, glycerin, and saline. Glycerin - a bacterial static.

What kind of reactions can I expect?

Adverse Reactions:

  1. Redness, minor swelling and itching at the injection sites.
  2. Hives.
  3. Redness, swelling, hives and itching either generalized or beyond the injection sites.
  4. Tongue, facial or throat swelling.
  5. Difficulty in swallowing.
  6. Shortness of breath or asthma attack.
  7. Fainting or light headedness.

Rarely, reactions to the shots can be severe and, if untreated, may result in death.

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